See you next year 26 – 28 April 2019!

Great Success for SURABAYA PET SHOW 2018

The Exhibition on Pet, Equipment and Supplies;

The Focused Platform for Pet, Equipment and Supplies in Surabaya

The show at a glance

To officially mark the opening of the event, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on the morning of April 20th, opened by Chief Executive Officer of KRISTA Exhibitions Daud D. Salim, Chief Marketing Officer of Krista Exhibitions Christina Sudjie, Head of East Java Livestock Centre Drh. Wemmi Niamawati, M.M, Head of East Java Veterinary Medicine Association Prof. Suwarno, Head of Indonesia Cat Association (ICA) Amsul Nababan, Head of Loving Dog Community Anggie, Head of Komunitas Pecinta Sugar Glider (KPSGI) Jenny Majo and Elsye, and Drh. Magda Rumawas.

Surabaya Pet Show 2018 is strongly supported by Ministry of Agriculture of The Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Industry of The Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Trade of The Republic of Indonesia, East Java Livestock Centre (Dinas Peternakan Jawa Timur), Mayor of Surabaya, East Java Veterinary Medicine Associations (PDHI JATIM 1), KADIN INDONESIA, KADIN SURABAYA ,Indonesia Cat Association – ICA, Loving Dog Community, Indonesia Sugar Glider Lovers Community (KPSGI), Forum Tanaman Karnivora Jawa Timur (FORTIM), East Java Tarantula Keeper, Surabaya Save Paws, Komunitas Jumbo Keong Indonesia, Surabaya Parrot Lovers, Komunitas Reptile Jawa Timur, Taman Kelinci, Rabbit Club of Surabaya (RCS), Rabbit Hole Hay, Afan Rabbit, Alfalfa King, Tirta Rabbitry, Fit Bunny-Feed, Memble Rabbit, Taqwa Rabbit House and other media partners.


Total Exhibitors


Exhibitor Satisfaction Survey


Total Visitors


Visitor Satisfaction Survey

Exhibitors’ Comment 

“Surabaya Pet Show 2018 is very cool because in addition to meeting with our customers, we can also meet with the pet communities. Hopefully all communities and tenants will participate again in 2019.”

Evelyn & Jennifer (Kin Dog Food) Denpasar

“Eventhough Surabaya Pet Show 2018 was held for the first time, there huge enthusiasm and interest from all visitors and the various communities. We look forward to next year’s Surabaya Pet Show with greater impact.”

Jenny Chandra Majo (KPSGI)Jakarta

“This exhibition has a good concept compared to the other exhibition that i have particapted. I look forward to Surabaya Pet Show being held yearly.”

Andrian (PT. Mars)Surabaya

Visitors’ Comment 

“As animal lovers, Surabaya Pet Show 2018 enable us to have deeper insight on learning about our pets. I hope there will be more education and information for the visitors next year.”

Muhammad Nizar & SawarnaSurabaya

“Surabaya Pet Show 2018 is very cool and exciting, with big variety of animals pets. I hope there will even be more variety of animals next year.”

Jordan & CeloMakassar

“It’s so exciting to encounter with animals that are rarely seen like snakes and reptiles. I have great expectation that this show will expand by next year. ”

Arumi BachinJakarta

“Surabaya Pet Show 2018 is very unique and very exciting because the animals are not always caged that visitors can interact directly.”

Celine & LeonySurabaya

“The Surabaya Pet Show 2018 exhibition is the first animal exhibition that I participated in, and very exciting, next year

I will definitely come again.”


“I am very happy to come to this exhibition because there are special areas for animals, so our pets are not only in the cage,

I think this exhibition is very good for all animal lovers.”





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